Welcome in the Border Radio's public directory

This public directory contains some resources made by Border Radio, friends, partners or other awesome Free/Libre communities around Torino or Italy.

The purpose of this repository is avoiding proprietary social media hosting services, allowing you to hotlink this stuff using a cute HTML5 tag from any website.

You must respect copyright. The default license of every file should be the Creative Commons BY SA 4.0 but please read the specific license from file metadata and, for any doubt, contact a Border Radio volunteer.

That's all. Have fun! Happy hacking!

These contents are online since April 27 2020. Since October 2020 these contents are served from some secret drives on a secret RAID on a secret single board computer hided in a secret storage closet attached to the Wi-Fi access point of my girlfriend (ehm... I love you!) under her firewall, under NAT, but exposed to you via a secret encrypted proxy using a reverse SSH tunnel. In short, welcome in a low-cost, low-bandwidth, low-reliability, big-capacity Internet node deployed nowhere. It sounds freaking awesome? It is. For any question drop an e-mail to your philanthropic, heroic, modest sysadmin and service provider Valerio Bozzolan. Feel free to file a Task if you understand how to use Phabricator. Note that we are volunteers so, uhm, well, just avoid too much exclamation marks in the subject.

Happy hacking!

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